You know what I love? I love how all of the photographers on here support each other and their work. We follow, like, and reblog each other.
There’s no competition between us and I love that (if there is, I haven’t seen it. But there definitely shouldn’t be)

i guess you can’t wait for happiness. you have to create it

"The ubiquity of photography is, perhaps ironically, a challenge to curators, practitioners, and critics. Why look at any particular image, when they are literally everywhere? Perhaps “photography” has become so all-pervasive that it no longer makes sense to think about it as a discreet practice or field of inquiry. In other words, perhaps “photography,” as a meaningful cultural trope, is over."

Trevor Paglan, Is Photography Over? (via photographsonthebrain)

(via photographsonthebrain)

(Source: modernlow)

literally my jam right now